Welcome to the Nutrient Tracking Tool (NTT) – a tool to estimate nutrient and sediment losses from crop and pasture. NTT was developed by the Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research (TIAER) at Tarleton State University with funding and technical support from USDA’s Office of Environmental Markets.

Related Tools


Comprehensive Economic Environmental Optimization Tool (CEEOT) is a stand-alone watershed-scale tool. CEEOT evaluates the economic and environmental impacts of conservation practices at the farm and watershed scales. Please visit http://tiaer.tarleton.edu/modeling-analysis/applications_tools.html for more information.


Nutrient Tracking Tool for Research and Education (NTT-RE) is more comprehensive version of the current version of NTT and intended to be used for Research and Education purposes. Go to NTT-RE


NTT v.2 is the previous version of NTT and is still accessible to users. Go to NTT v.2.